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Quite A Stir gourmet cakes & appetizers

About Us

Quite A Stir is the baking arm of the ARThritic Hands Company, LLC a developing business that hopes to one day provide a means for artists with arthritis to market their art.

Started in June 2003 by owner Julie Salter, who has rheumatoid arthritis, it provides an opportunity to use her love of baking and art to hopefully add a little joy to the world and to lend a helping hand to others in reinforcing the joy of home, family and friendship in their own lives. In addition to baking, she also personally creates one-of-a-kind hand sculpted papier-mâché characters, which are ideal for unique seasonal decor or gifts.

Quite A Stir products are based on family recipes that come from both sides of Julie's southern roots. Her ultimate goal is great flavor. She selects only the best recipe favorites to add to the line.

Quite A Stir started with one product sold at a local Baltimore farmers' market and very quickly expanded into the snack line it is today. The low carb line began when a diabetic friend said they couldn't find a good tasting, crunchy snack low in carbs. It took ten generations of wafers and many samples to come up with the right blend of ingredients to create her Southern Cocktail Cheese SnapsTM. The timing was also perfect because of the product's appeal to those on low carb diets for weight loss.

Julie has many more ideas for her traditional snack, dessert and low carb lines and would eventually like to create community programs that combine art and baking.

The art created by our artists will be marketed on a consignment basis via the ARThritic Hands Company website which is still in development. If you know of any artists with arthritis who would like to be represented on our site please go to our Comments Page and email their information. If you would like to alerted when the website is up, send your name and email information to us, as well.

This is a for profit venture that wants to provide an opportunity for people in need to help themselves. We are not affiliated with the Arthritis Foundation but do support their work and encourage you to do so, too.

We at Quite A Stir & the ARThritic Hands Company, LLC want to provide you with quality products that we hope enrich your life and put a smile on your face!